Thu, 03/19/2015 - 03:00



MWC2015 (Mobile World Congress) was held from March 2 to 5th in Barcelona Spain, as the global mobile communications industry event, each spring, the MWC is said to be leading the development of industry bellwether, in which exhibitors promoting the best of ideas, products to the global market arena. As an early enterprise who engages in base station antenna systems research and production, Tongyu Communication has been taken MWC as an important international arena for marketing their products for years

Zhonglin Wu, Chairman of Tongyu Communications at MWC2015 said in an interview with reporters, MWC, as global industry event, Tongyu must not have been absent. "A few years ago, when we were exhibiting, the venue location is not ideal, but golden places our booth in Exhibition Hall 6 now. Tongyu Communication can be said to be witnessed the rapid growth of MWC."

According to Zhonglin introduces, Tongyu Communication is exhibiting systematically the Base Station Antennas, Microwave Antennas and RF Components in the field of the latest products. Among them, the ultra-wide band antenna and active antenna can be said to be the biggest highlight in exhibition. Ultra-Wide band antennas can help operators to greatly reduce the cost of network construction and optimization to accelerate network deployments, helping them to win the market competition. "Zhonglin said," at the same time, ultra-wide band technologies can also contribute to sharing in the operator network construction and resource conservation.

He also said, in facing of 3G/4G mobile base station antenna electrical tilting, broadband, miniaturization, intellectualization trend, Tongyu puts forward a number of characteristics with industry innovations, some products have achieved the international advanced level, with strong international competitiveness. We hope that by participating in the MWC, to colleagues in the industry with more in-depth exchanges and jointly promote the development of mobile communication base station antenna and feeding system also helps us to develop on the international market. "According to his introduces, Tongyu has made significant progress in international markets.

Mobile World Congress Shanghai, which will be held in July, with the theme of “Mobile Unlimited”, Tongyu will also participate it. Wu Zhonglin said he was very happy to see the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai. China is the largest mobile market of the world, has the world's largest number of mobile phone and Internet user. As a leader of the industry, Tongyu will definitely participate in this field in the ' doorstep ' industry event. We hope to connect with more customers at the Shanghai show, especially from Southeast Asian telecoms operator.